... when it comes to optimizing complex procedures within the field of cooling and air condition technology.

This is why it is of essential importance to the bakery industry to meet the demands and achieve the best possible solutions for such a complex process chain.

Starting with the dough manufacturing and processing, across cooling and right up the baking itself, the cooling and proofing, process is at the forefront of KAKO AG's philosophy, specializing on cooling and air conditioning for baking enterprises. We're not about selling as many single components as possible. We think in solutions!

KAKO has a wide range of internal and external specialists to help you plan, acquire and install products, encompassing service, to make it a complete solution.

Longstanding experience and a high degree of expertise guarantee a complete outlook on your requirements, allowing us to incorporate the cooling technology as a true working part of your complete process. It's all custom-tailored for your requirements!

Andreas Karsdorf, Manager

More than 30 Years of experience is something that really pays off to our clients ...

After more than 30 years of experience in the business, and following his long-term and successful occupation at a leading manufacturer of baking oven and cooling technology, Andreas Karsdorf has set up his own business to bring his own visions to life and to fast turn his innovative ideas into reality.