... processes simply must interlock.

  • tailored solutions
  • covering all processes
  • one-stop consultation

Of course, you can simply obtain just a shock freeze, fermentation automatic or ice machine from us. But have you ever experienced – particularly during the planning phase of complex processes – that the logistics within the baking facility for example have been omitted? Or perhaps that the heat recovery could have been integrated, had the arrangement of heat and cooling facilities been planned properly?.

This is where KAKO comes into play. We believe to be the partner of the baking industry and establish solutions together with our clients, covering all aspects. Cooling technology is important, but only one step in the process going from a dough piece to a ready bun. We plan with and for our clients – individual solutions, covering all areas of the process. We are not dependent on selling specialized products and can use independent components to create a perfect solution for you. Tailored and best-of-class.

Many companies have various contact persons in their offices, assembly or service, with only partial know-how. Consultation from one person is often difficult – particularly if it's about interlocking multiple components and services. Our policy is different! Even if the project and process is multi-leveled, by KAKO you have one person to take talk to only.