... you can avoid expensive stand-alone solutions in the planning phase already.

  • Process improvement
  • Cost reduction
  • traceability of the processes
  • Constantly high quality

Baking is one of the most traditional professions in the history of mankind. Customer wishes and changes in structure require that bakery products still taste as if they were hand-made. Innovations and new technologies allow you to improve processes.

Many bakers and manufacturers of cooling technology already make use of automated facilities. Many cooling technology manufacturers offer special control methods, making later changes difficult as there are no open interfaces available.

KAKO however, has developed an automatization concept, tailored to each customer's needs and based on standard components. The core is the PLC-control is programmed by us. Weather light-barriers, temperature controllers or door contacts – any component can be integrated.

The complete cooling process can be thus automated, controlled, monitored and even remote maintananced – expensive service can be avoided, industrial accidents reduced to a minimum and the bakery facility can save energy and staff costs, using the equipment to a maximum of its capacity.