Improved product quality in shop ovens quality

Controlled long-term fermentation with subsequent cooling allows for fresh baking in shops with a full aroma the whole day long.

Process capability via central PLC control (also using remote control)

allows the 100-percent traceability and improvement of cooling, fermenting and baking processes, as well as recipes.

Simple, intuitive handling

with the clear, graphical user-interface – even for untrained staff

Scalable and modular facility configuration

of smaller control facilities right up to the fully automatic solution for the industry.

Service friendly

In utilizing standard industry parts, constant availability of spare parts is guaranteed and unnecessary waiting times are reduced.


Now, your baking ovens will conveniently deliver constant best quality in all stores. With the KAKO AutoProof® system components for precise and controlled long-term process at lower temperatures above zero, your baking products will achieve the best possible aroma. Easy-to-use direct to store delivery, low energy consumption and reduction of operational costs are just some of the reasons to integrate the KAKO AutoProof® system in your facility.