Improved quality of your dough pieces
for example during long-termfermentation , cooling or freeze storage

Microfine mist prevents your dough pieces from drying up – the humid, stables the dough pieces and they will come out with much better crust.

One hundred percent reproduceable quality thanks to process-capabilityt

A central, programmable PLC control allows you to improve and reproduce processes any time.

Lowers your energy costs

The subsonic mist requires merely a tiny fraction of the energy of a regular electro vaporizer. In addition, the fermentation, defrost and baking times for the dough pieces is reduced.

Simple, intuitive handling

thanks to the clearly arranged graphical user-interface, which is suitable for even untrained staff.

As an example, with the KAKO Micro-humidification, it is possible to precisely control the humidity during fermentation delay or fermentation stop, improving the long-term fermentation even further.

Size does matter

The subsonic mist swirls up microfine water droplets, which enter the surface of the dough pieces and, unlike regular steam humidification, provide for a high amount of stability, the best possible crispy, glossy and crusty product – and it's a hundred percent reproduceable.