... goes without saying because we're all in the same boat.

  • fast reaction time
  • 24 hrs. service
  • minimum downtime
  • remote diagnosis saves time and money

Increased functionality and complexity – does this represent an increase in malfuntions and failures? No, when it it's done the right way! Over the years, KAKO has developed a support & service concept almost totally eliminating longer failures.

The control concept is programmed for lightning fast help. In the case of a problem, KAKO is informed via the remote maintenance, documented with date, time and problem description – in addition per SMS. We then establish a connection with the facility and check what has led to the problem.

In most cases, the problem can be solved using the control equipment. KAKO can then see the very same system picture the customer is seeing and can accompany the customer for the complete production run. Different levels of user access guarantee that only authorized staff has access to important control data.

In the case of a hardware malfunction, the customer is often capable of replacing defective system components on his own. The combination of standard and best-of-class components allows you to run your production with a minimum of downtime.